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Waffle backed interlocking mats were designed to be used as horse stall mats for use in foaling stalls and semen collection stalls. The waffle underside construction of these rubber stall mats helps to provide a softer mat for superior hoof traction. The softer surface also aids the mare during foaling and helps to provide better traction for the foal during those first few days of standing. The waffle backed mats also have a diamond pattern top surface to aid in slip prevention. These mats will not harbor or grow bacteria and in protecting barn animals from cold hard sub floors.


Material - Waffle backed interlocking stall mats are constructed of recycled crumb rubber that is revulcanized.

Size - Waffle backed interlocking stall mats are sold in kits of various sizes. If a kit doesn't cover your area exactly how you desire, we recommend getting a larger kit and then cutting the horse mats back to fit.

Thickness - 3/4 Inch

Weight - The 3/4" waffle backed mats weigh 3.25 Lbs. / square foot.
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