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Crumb Rubber manufacture eco friendly cow cubicle mats for optimum cow comfort. Studies have shown that when cows rest in a natural pattern it enhances their milk production. Putting Crumb Rubber cubicle mats in your cow shed will encourage your cows to rest more and they will in turn be able to put more energy into milk production. Crumb Rubber cow mats are made from durable recycled rubber which means that then will hold their shape and comfort over many years of use. They are heavy enough to stay in place with the movement of cows getting down and up and easy to clean out.


We supply a range of quality durable cubicle cow mats:

100% Natural Rubber
Soft “impact bubbles” to give cows ultimate comfort
Heavy and durable 50kgs weight – approximately 5 times heavier than current cow mats on the market
Our mats will not expand, tear or go out of shape due to high tensile strength of rubber
Dimensions 6ft in length by 3 different widths of:
42in (6ft x 3ft 6in)
46in (6ft x 3ft 10in)
48in (6ft x 4ft)
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