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We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Cow Stable Mats for horse and cow stalls. Made from natural rubber, our products ensure a clean, sterile and odor free environment.

Protect And Comfort Your Animals : The natural sure-traction surface improves footing to decrease stepped-on teats, to lessen the incidence of mastitis, and to dramatically reduce swollen hocks, and knee and hoof abrasions.

Increased Comfort For Your Cow and Horse : Instead of the hard rubber mat you probably use today, the mat was a tough, durable, yet softer material that would increase your animal's comfort.

Stable mats offer many advantages to cow owners in terms of cost-savings in bedding and labour, comfort to the cow as well as benefiting the general health and well being of Stabled horses. Stable mats provide warmth and insulation in the winter.


Rubber Stable Mats Benifits

Use over existing concrete, natural soil or clay. Mats and runners actually level the surface, ending the days of filling holes or adding dirt All runners and mats are non-porous genuine rubber, and will not absorb or retain moisture or urine. They will not crack under extreme heat or cold.
Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection - increases milk, fat and meat production - reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies.
Ideal for show cattle and old cows - many farmers find their old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mats.
Easier to clean - no ribs to collect manure - reduces bacteria growth.
Saves 80% or more on bedding - reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding - cow mats will quickly pay for themselves.
Easy to install, the mats can be cemented in place.
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